Josh Krauth-Harding is an animator and designer based in Brooklyn and working worldwide. Info ︎︎︎

Currently keyframing at PORTO ROCHA,
previously Hobbes and &Walsh.
Life Remodeled

Project Type
Brand Identity


Josh Krauth-Harding, Erica Heathcote, Yasmin Ali, Will Callis

Located in the historic Dexter-Linwood neighborhood of Detroit, non-profit Life Remodeled offers a range of tools and services to residents in Detroit through opportunity hubs, workforce development, after-school programs, and six day projects. Based on the strength and resilience of an individual, our dynamic identity for Life Remodeled utilizes a powerful signifier denoting a home, a community, and upward movement.

Life Remodeled frequently collaborates with other local organizations, so an identity that could feature another group or verticle was important. It’s also why we designed a few extra marks, in case the branding of another business required a more flexible system.

One of the many aspects of this system was an in-depth look at language—tasked with copywriting as well as designing, it was essential Detroiters knew this organization was local and had their best interests at heart.