Josh Krauth-Harding is an animator and designer based in Detroit and working worldwide. Info ī‹ļøŽļøŽļøŽ
Currently at Hobbes, previously &Walsh. Freelancing with You Vs. Jesus, Other Studio, & you? ī‹ļøŽļøŽļøŽ

šŸ‘‹ļø Hey there. My name is šŸ§ā€ā™‚ļø Josh and Iā€™m a šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» designer and šŸŽ¬ animator working out of my šŸ“¦ studio (šŸ›ļø) in Detroit. Iā€™m also an šŸ³ amateur cook and a big fan of šŸš€ space movies. Nice to šŸŒŽļø meet you!

Iā€™m always looking for šŸ‘¶ new and šŸ§  innovative projects (or just some new šŸ«‚ friends), so reach out!

Select clients include
Google, Youtube, Netflix, Bloomberg, Sony Music, The Centre for Investigative Journalism

College for Creative Studies
BFA in Communication Design

ī‚ŒļøŽļøŽļøŽ Resume

P 7342557187
IG jkh.pix