Josh Krauth-Harding is an animator and designer based in Brooklyn and working worldwide. Info ︎︎︎

Currently keyframing at PORTO ROCHA,
previously Hobbes and &Walsh.
︎︎︎ Resume

Howdy 🤠 welcome to my little corner of the Internet! My name is Josh and I’m a designer and animator working out of my studio (bedroom 🛌) in Detroit! When I’m not at my computer, you can find me taking walks in the untamed Michigan wilderness (well maintained public parks 🏕) and cooking michelin star-grade food (banana slices on peanut butter toast 🍞).  

I’m always looking for new and innovative projects (or just some new friends), so reach out! 🤝

Select clients include
Google, Youtube, Netflix, Bloomberg, Sony Music, The Centre for Investigative Journalism

College for Creative Studies
BFA in Communication Design
Class of 2021

P 7342557187
IG jkh.pix